Inaugural exhibition

Bridget Flannery

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Bridget Flannery’s paintings emerge from her engagement with the natural world, expressing the character of place as well as her memories, feelings and experiences. Her paintings, while abstract, have an organic relationship to sea, sky and land. Using acrylic, pastel, and collage on wood surfaces, her paintings investigate colour, form and texture. Bridget’s paintings are held in many public collections in Ireland and around the world: these include the OPW, Bank of Ireland and many private collections.

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 'Terra Rosa Winter Field III' -

Acrylic, Collage on panel 20 x 20 cm €650 - Sold

STRANDLINES XXV acrylic, collage on panel_edited.jpg

 'Strandlines XXV' -

Acrylic, Collage on panel 120 x 120 cm €7,500

No 8 (2).jpg

 'Strand Walking, Evening' -

Acrylic, Collage on panel 50 x 50 cm €2,250 - Sold

AR IMEALL AN TOST  From the Edge of Silence X acrylic collage on birch panel 40x40cms 2021

 'Ar Imeall an Tost- From the Edge of Silence X' -

Acrylic, Collage on panel 40 x 40 cm €1,950

STRANDLINES XX acrylic, collage on panel, 120x120cms, 2021_edited.jpg


Acrylic, Collage on panel 120 x 120 cm € 7,500



Acrylic, Collage on panel 100 x 100 cm € 5,000

Further information on all paintings for sale is available by phone 087 4118967 or take a virtual tour by appointment.