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Bríd is a graduate of the Crawford college of Art and is living in Newmarket, North Cork. She is currently a member of Cork Printmakers where she specializes in etching.

Her work is semi-autobiographical. She is interested in the slightly surreal exploration of narratives derived from personal life, fairy tales and conversations. She likes to experiment with scale to help create a playful approach to serious themes. Her themes often include childhood innocence and a coming of age.

I like to draw but I love the richness achieved by the process of printing. I like to create narratives in each piece.  While studying at the Crawford I was a young single mother, I read a lot of fairy tales at that time which influenced my practice; I repurposed these characters for my art and I have continued to do this with real-life events, places, people and animals.  My key themes are childhood, coming of age, relationships and loss.

Doll's House - Etching 55x46cm €420.jpg
Curiosity-Etching 21x21cm €160 edition of 20.jpg
Waiting - Etching - 15x20cm - €185.jpg