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Molly Brown Dublin is an independent artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota living and working in Ireland since 1986.

Group shows 

2020,2018                        The Library Project; Dublin, Ireland

2010                                  RHA, Dublin,Ireland

Solo shows

2017                                  Filmbase; Dublin,Ireland

2009                                  Urban Retreat Gallery; Hanover Quay, Dublin

2008                                  Mo Mong Gallery; Houston, Texas USA

2007                                  Private exhibition; Houston Texas,USA

2005                                   Distillery Building; Dublin, Ireland  


Museum of  Goa                Goa, India

Office of Public Works       Dublin, Ireland

Kenmare Resources           Dublin and Mozambique

Abbot Ireland                     Co Cavan, Ireland

Hewlitt Packard                   Houston Texas USA

Marisol International. Inc    Houston,Texas USA


Turpin Architects                 Dublin, Ireland

Law Library                          Dublin,Ireland 

Memories Differ,2019mixedmediaoncanvas400x500mm e350.00mbyMBD.jpg

Memories Differ  40x50cm

Mixed Media on Canvas- €490

Reunion,2020 mixed media on canvas 200mm sq by MBD E300.jpg

'Reunion'  20x20cm

Mixed Media on Canvas €420