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Ciara O’Connor is a visual artist who works in a combination of free motion embroidery, hand stitching and raw-edged appliqué.


Born in Glasgow to parents from Co. Kerry, O’Connor spent her formative years in Dublin. She studied Fine Art in Galway before traveling and settling in New York City in 2009. She is currently based in Dublin.

This nomadic life contributed to her fascination with the themes of identity and belonging, and through her work she seeks to investigate, celebrate, and strengthen these connections.

Since returning to her practice in 2019 she has taken part in Pluid - The National Comfort Blanket, has been selected for a group show and has had her work purchased  by private collections nationally and internationally.


She is currently preparing for her first solo show which opens in Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford, in August 2022.

 'I am a Dublin based visual artist who works with textiles and embroidery.

My work is figurative and deals with themes of identity, nostalgia, relationships and feminism.

I use a combination of hand stitching, free motion embroidery and raw-edged appliqué to create my thread drawings. The slow, meditative nature of hand stitching allows time to become intimately connected with what I am making. The speed and fluidity of machine stitching allows for a more intuitive, expressive outcome and instant gratification. They are equally important to me.

I often use vintage fabrics or material that I have a personal connection to. I work from both sides of the fabric. This enables me to manipulate the thread so as to control mark making.

When I stitch I am aware of how my actions mirror those of my mother, my grandmother and others that have gone before me. I relish that connection. I am also aware that my chosen medium may evoke ideas of ‘women’s work’ and femininity in some, but to me it represents my desire to break free from those same preconceptions and constraints.'