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Emma Sheridan Head Shot.jpg

Emma's early career began in fashion design and illustration and the experiences working in these fields continue to inform her work. Part of NCAD alumni with a 1st class Honours she worked in London for many years and now focuses her creative time on her artistic practice.

Emma’s practice inquires the idea of the outside world being a reflection of our inner world through abstract painting. Through this medium she expresses the unplanned rhythms of it all. Each piece begins at source with documentation from a starting point she has reacted to in life, often times nature. These initial drawings then go through a process of distillation each step uncovering the ethereal sense of the object through pattern, shape and colour. These can then be interpreted by the viewer not by what they are but how they are imagined. 


Emma_Sheridan_Back to School_Oil paint on canvas 50x40cm €300- €420.jpg
Emma_Sheridan_Drift_Oil paint on canvas 30x30cm €200-€280.jpg
Emma_Sheridan_Bornite _Oil paint on canvas 30x30cm €200-€280.jpg