Inaugural exhibition

Paul Hughes 

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Paul Hughes’ paintings have always been about capturing what he sees; that is, the playing and shifting between light and dark as you gaze at the horizon. Paul continually pushes the boundaries of his work and the tools of his craft, the intense colours are painstakingly created with raw materials oils, mineral powders, varnishes and his own hands. Paul’s work is held in both public and private collections from West Cork to the UK, New York, Hong Kong Paris |

Paul-Hughes-new work Kenmare 1.jpg

'Brief. And Yet Endless' - SOLD

200 x 120cm

The Neverending.jpg

'The Neverending' -

Mixed Media on Canvas 140 x180 cm €7,500

_standing, still and staring_.jpg

 'Standing Still & Staring' -

Mixed Media on Canvas 100 x 200 cm €7,200

_going from this land over here, to that_.jpg

 'Going from this land over here, to that'

Mixed Media on Canvas 125 x 200 cm €7,600

_Dream Chasing_ �  200 x 125 cms.jpg

 'Dream Chasing'

Mixed Media on Canvas 125 x 200 cm €7,800


 'Sky Swimming'  Mixed Media on Canvas 300 x 150cm €9,750


 'If only we're brave enough to see it, if only we're brave enough to be it'.

                   Mixed Media on Canvas  200 x 130cm  €7,650

Further information on all paintings for sale is available by phone 087 4118967 or take a virtual tour by appointment.