'Staccato' Behind the Scenes

At Kenmare Butter Market we are delighted to announce our inaugural exhibition is a first! This exciting collaboration is a three-person exhibition by three of Ireland’s foremost contemporary artists; Bridget Flannery, Paul Hughes and Paddy Lennon. ‘Staccato’  is curated by Dr Eimear O’Connor, who, brings these distinctive paintings together to create a connected soulful experience.






Paul Hughes's paintings have always been about capturing what he sees; that is, the playing and shifting between light and dark as you gaze at the horizon.Paul continually pushes the boundaries of his work and the tools of his craft, the intense colours are painstakingly created with raw materials oils, mineral powders, varnishes and his own hands.  Paul’s work is held in both public and private collections from West Cork to the UK, New York, Hong Kong & Paris | Paulhughes.ie

Bridget Flannery’s paintings emerge from her engagement with the natural world, expressing the character of place as well as her memories, feelings and experiences. Her paintings, while abstract, have an organic relationship to sea, sky and land. Using acrylic, pastel, and collage on wood surfaces, her paintings investigate colour, form and texture. Bridget’s paintings are held in many public collections in Ireland and around the world: these include the OPW, Bank of Ireland and many private collections | bridgetflannerypainter.wordpress.com 

Paddy Lennon’s practise is concerned with achieving a harmony and an art balance allowing the work to develop in a visceral way. This process allows his work to be open to discovery.  ‘A strong and integral part of my Art Practise is my drawing and my understanding of the principles of good draughtsmanship, observation, structure and discipline. They form the unseen frame on which I support my painting.’ Paddy is collected all round the world in public and private collections, including New York, Hong Kong and the UAE | paddylennon.net

Dr Eimear O'Connor & team during the hanging of the exhibition.